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Quick instructions and how often to clean IQOS


The fact is, if you let the sediment settle down especially at the root of the blade, after a few days you will not have enough enjoyment from smoking and HEETS will also become unreasonably hot.

How to properly clean IQOS

  1. After each smoked HEETS box, clean the cooled IQOS by removing the top cover and using the supplied cleaning brush, the longer part is designed for the heater, shorter on the top cover.
  2. You can carry a mechanical cleaner with you over the day, sometimes the remaining tobacco settling around the blade. Therefore in the evening clean the main part of the holder without force by pressing and freeing it. You can wash the cleaner once a month under warm water.
  3. Using a plastic stick from a scrubber or, for example, a regular toothpick, first clean the root of the heating plate where the dirt is the most. Of course, be careful, the warming plan is the weakest place of the whole IQOS. If it is damaged, however, you do not have to worry, the manufacturer with complaints does not have a problem and will change it instantly.
  4. Always surround the inside of the warm-up compartment and the top cover with an alcoholic stick. You will see how much it gets dirty if it is very black, clean your IQOS more often. Take care of the plantain separately, clean its flats and root, do not push, but be stronger.
  5. Properly cleaned IQOS has the bottom of the warming area gray or white, no dark coating or no particles. It's normal it is looking cracked longitudinally, it's a plastic weld.
  6. The 2.4+ rechargeable base (with Bluetooth) does not require any maintenance over the previous model. On most older videos, there are versions with a special button that you do not have and it is replaced with a Bluetooth button.

Once in a while, you can observe longer charging of the IQOS holder, it is normal, the Heeters are being cleaned by heating - that is the same process that was triggered manually by the button on the previous version.

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