Cleanroom Swabs

Our cleanroom swabs are highly automated, ensuring excellent consistency and meeting a wide array of industry standards. They are suitable for use in hard disk drive, medical device, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, optics, fiber optics, forensics, pediatrics, veterinary, drug delivery, and diagnostic applications.

Tly’s cleanroom swabs are also specially designed to meet the needs of our customers. They are lot tested and certified and feature a wide array of tip styles and materials to suit your specific needs. Our swabs also have static dissipative handles and tips, making them suitable for use in sensitive environments.

In addition, our swabs are pyrogen-free, EtO, steam, and gamma stable, non-cytotoxic, ATP-free, and low in particulates and NVRs for use in cleanrooms assembling implantable medical devices. They are also RoHS compatible, ensuring that they are safe for use in a variety of industries.