CleanSpace unveils innovative new programme Clean Fit

In a strategic move to redefine the speed to market of defining and developing the Cleanroom market, CleanSpace, a prominent leader in cleanroom solutions, today unveiled its innovative programme, Clean Fit. This pioneering initiative is set to forge synergies with regional developers, aiming to showcase the advanced design and functionality of a CleanSpace cleanroom within buildings that are presently on the lease market.

“Clean Fit is designed to make it easier for life science companies to visualize and achieve their ideal production environment,” said Glenn VandeGrift, President of CleanSpace. “Our partnership with developers not only facilitates this visualisation but also significantly reduces the financial barrier to entry for these companies, ensuring a smoother start-up phase.”

Through Clean Fit, prospective tenants, particularly those interested in spaces of 5,000 sqft or more, are provided with complimentary Basis of Design (BOD) drawings, test fit drawings, and initial construction sets. This value-added service is intended to save tenants substantial amounts of time and costs, thereby sustaining their cash flow during the crucial phase of establishment.

“Our vertically integrated approach is what sets CleanSpace apart,” said CEO George Wiker. “We manage every aspect from design to installation, which means our clients benefit from our efficiency and expertise. The Clean Fit program exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the complex needs of the life sciences industry.”

Currently, there are two showcase cleanrooms under construction, located in Houston, Texas, and within the Historic Curtis Building in Philadelphia, PA. These strategic locations are expected to open for tours prior to the conclusion of 2023, marking a significant milestone in providing access to CleanSpace’s cutting-edge cleanroom technologies.

Board Advisor Ralph Melfi added: “By expediting the process of cleanroom integration for our clients, we’re not just accelerating their production timelines—we’re facilitating the advancement of critical therapies and products to the market. Clean Fit is a game-changer for the life sciences sector.”

The Clean Fit service aligns seamlessly with CleanSpace’s mission to support and enhance the growth of the life science industry. It provides a comprehensive look at the company’s cleanroom capabilities while eliminating complexities associated with setting up such sophisticated spaces.