Foam Swabs

Polyurethane Foam Swab is a high quality, economical swab for critical cleaning. The open-cell foam structure provides an excellent capacity for absorbing and holding liquids. The fiberless construction generates little to no particles for optimal maintenance of office equipment and electronic devices.

Comprised of medical grade foam, it offers exceptional particle entrapment making it clean enough for sensitive applications such as medical device manufacturing. Free from adhesives and binders, this swab is ideal for removing flux residue from printed circuit boards and working with fiber optics.

All swabs are ultra sonic welded with no adhesives.Ideal for medical device, electronics, and automotive manufacturing and assembly.

  • Class 10 laundered and packaged
  • ISO Class 4-7 compatible
  • High solvent capacity
  • Medical grade foam
  • Ultra sonic welding; No adhesives or binders
  • Non-abrasive