History of Cleanroom

If the enterprise has deep clean industry, development and innovation of purification products, the depth of integration of upstream suppliers and downstream customers and production information, the formation of a strong supply chain integration capabilities, so, in the next ten years, the company will usher in the golden period of explosive development, a large number of Companies will be listed on the clean industry.

In our country, cleanroom technology began in the 60s of last century. At the time, cleanroom technology is a new technology to meet the needs of military products, precision instruments, aviation instruments and electronics industry, to meet the precision, miniaturization, high purity, high quality and high reliability of these industries. Nowadays, cleanroom technology has been widely applied in various industries, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical and health, bioengineering, laboratories, food, cosmetics, instrumentation, aerospace and many other industries.

The cleanroom net is used to decipher the detailed industry chain of clean industry, and to rethink and rebuild the friends who just entered the industry and are committed to this industry.

Through decades of development, China cleanroom technology has gradually formed the industrial chain, including upstream purification equipment (such as FFU, clean sheet, transfer window, air shower room), clean room with all kinds of consumable products, more familiar purification supplies such as HEPA filter material (regarded as core clean technology), clean clothing, clean room and clean room use a variety of equipment, anti-static, dust products, supplies of the annual domestic market capacity more than 500~600 billion yuan, the scale is very large.

In addition, with the current air pollution, environmental destruction, the PM2.5 event has been copied to the application of clean technology in the industry raise a Babel of criticism of that field have been borrowed into people’s daily life, which is the most familiar to the air cleaner, more and more families have been using this product, the core technology products is the HEPA filter system. The domestic air purifier has a market share of 5 billion yuan, and the market share from Europe and America has a very large growth space.

The industrial chain of the middle reaches of the clean industry includes the related industries such as the design, construction, debugging, testing and operation of the clean room. In the middle reaches of the industrial chain, including related design institutes (such as electronic industry famous design institute has Chinese Electronic Engineering Design Institute, Ministry of electronic industry Eleventh Design Institute), the general contractor construction of clean room, clean operation room, professional certification (GMP certification pharmaceutical project) and debugging unit, and the entry of foreign capital management the company’s Chinese clean workshop (the famous beauty schiewer company, NE Pharma, etc.). In our country, the electronics industry spends in the clean room costs about 5 billion yuan, of which, with integrated circuit chip production line as the representative of the microelectronics industry each year about 3 billion yuan; the pharmaceutical industry, especially this year launched a new version of the GMP specification, forcing pharmaceutical enterprises new or re transformation of clean workshop to meet the new version of GMP request spends in a clean room facility system will cost more than 10 billion yuan, the peak is expected to reach 200~300 billion yuan; in the cleaning operation room of the hospital construction, the annual national new or renovated clean operation room will cost more than 9 billion yuan, and will maintain a growth rate of not less than 20%.