• Industrial Swab

    A Better Choise For Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning Foam Swabs 710

It can be used to wipe the gap,edges and corners of the product. It makes the products look more exquisite .

And widely used in electronics factory, semiconductor factory, quality inspection, laboratory, precision instrument and other industries

Product Parameter

Part Number 710
Head Material 100PPI Polyurethane Foam
Head Width 8mm
Head Thickness 5mm
Head Length 23mm
Handle Material Polyurethane
Handle width 4mm
Handle Thickness 4mm
Handle Length 97mm
Total Length 110mm
Standard Packaging 100pcs/bags , 200bags/box

Video of ESD Mats

Industrial Swab

A Better Choise For Cleaning

Own Factory

Made in Class 100 Cleanroom

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