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ESD Shoes S0128

Wearing esd shoes is the most efficient and safest method to discharge,

the body static to protect the products from harm of static.

ESD shoes made from special antistatic sole and vamp.

ESd shoes can be used for cleanroom too.

These special material not only can be antistatic, but canbe lint-free,

which means the esd shoes is also antistatic shoes and cleanroom shoes.

There are many kinds of material for different weather and temperature,

like PU and PVC for cold temperature, fabric for hot temperature.

The antistatic ability is very good and lasts very long time after washing many times.

It is suitable for the cleanroom and electronic,semi-conductor industries, etc.

Product Parameter

Material Of Sole: PU,SPU, PVC
Upper Material: PU Leather, Canvas, ESD Fabric
Color: White, Black, Blue
Size: 220-300mm