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ESD Wiper

Material: polyester fiber (98% Polyester+2% carbon filament)

Knitting method: Double

Basic weight: 150gsm

Resistance: 108 to 1011 ohm

Edge Cutting: Laser sealing or Ultrasonic sealing

Cleanroom Laundry: 18Ω pure water laundered

Packing: Class10 clean-room with Inner bag (vacuum & anti-static), outer bag

Product Parameter

Main Characteristics:

PN:ESD wiper is the popular polyester wiper with carbon filament. The Basic weight is 150gs. So its absorbency and resistance to abrasion is very nice. And it can be widely used in more static sensitive area. Its even thickness, netted structure give better ability to absorb dust particles and to lock them in. It exhibits good resistance to abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces.

It can be widely used to wipe electronic products, cleaning and polishing internal stainless steel pipe.

Size: Pcs/bag Bags/carton
9″ x 9″(22.9cm x 22.9 cm) wiper 150pcs/bag 10bags/carton
6″ x 6″(22.9cm x 22.9 cm) wiper 150pcs/bag 20bags/carton
4″ x 4″(22.9cm x 22.9 cm) wiper 600pcs/bag 40bags/carton
12″ x 12″(22.9cm x 22.9 cm) wiper 150pcs/bag 10bags/carton

Note: Customized Size and Package available.

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ESD Wiper

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