Sticky roller

Sticky Roller are composed of polyethylene sheets coated with acrylic-based adhesive. Fast, efficient and easy-to-use. The unit consists of a reusable, non-contaminating plastic roller handle and a disposable roller refill containing the adhesive sheets. The standard core diameter sizes are designed to allow maximum efficiency to effectively clean wide or narrow areas with less frequent sheet disposal.

Product Parameter

Material Polyethylene
Color Blue, white, gray
thichness 0.045+/-0.0003mm
Standard sizes: 4″*18m,6″*18m,8″*18m,10”*18m,12”*18m
Adhesive thickness: 23+/-2g/m2
Adhesive strength: 0.130-0.170KN/m
Outer Diameter(mm) 54mm
Inner Diameter1(mm) 42mm
Inner Diameter2(mm) 38mm
Tacky Roller Handle(Option) 1.2m

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