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Phizzle and GlassHouse collaborate on automated cleanroom monitoring

Phizzle and GlassHouse Systems of Toronto have joined forces to create a managed service offering that provides a flexible way to automate cleanroom monitoring and enable remote, real-time operations of environmental equipment used in R&D and manufacturing cleanrooms by both large and small organisations.

Phizzle is a pioneer in automating scientific devices such as particle counters used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to monitor environmental conditions in drug production; GHS is a leading enterprise IT services and infrastructure solutions provider.

The two companies are working in partnership with IDSC (Institute for Data Science and Computing) to deploy a remote environmental monitoring solution for the Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute at the University of Miami.

There’s no longer a need to see testing as something that is only affordable on an annual or semi-annual basis

“Phizzle and GHS have shattered the test and trust paradigm for cleanroom validation by leveraging their proven technology to create a cleanroom monitoring managed service that allows us to automate testing and remotely monitor the status of our cleanroom in real-time,” said Sung Jin Kim, Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the facilities director for the BioNIUM cleanroom facility. “We believe that this best-in-class monitoring solution will substantially bolster our ability to drive industry partnerships and student opportunities.”

Due to the high cost of lab technicians to manually perform repeated air quality measurements, many smaller cleanroom operators struggle to economically perform consistent or real-time tests of environmental conditions; many are also challenged by the high cost of compliance requirements for ISO standards.

“The breakthrough of this offer is the ability of all sized cleanrooms to access real-time scientific data that validates successful cleanroom processes or experiments at an affordable price,” said Robert Moniz, President of GlassHouse Systems, US. “There’s no longer a need to see testing as something that is only affordable on an annual or semi-annual basis.”

The service

Phizzle Software and GHS’ Automated Cleanroom PaaS provide an economical solution and is based on Phizzle’s EDGMaker IoT solution. By automating particle counter operation for consistent intervals, and providing the ability to remotely initiate ad-hoc measurements, cleanrooms can be effectively and economically monitored in real time.

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The Cleanroom PaaS offers four benefits in an affordable model:

  • The ability to demonstrate evidence of the environmental state at the time of a process or experience.
  • The ability to monitor the effect of processes and personnel on air quality in real-time and respond to maintain optimal room quality.
  • The ability to perform proactive maintenance in response to declining air quality to prevent special events that cause errors or downtime.
  • Increased use and engagement of university cleanrooms by outside parties due to the implementation of best-in-class monitoring solutions.

“Our joint managed service with GHS makes it possible for smaller companies and university labs to access the same industrial-grade technologies used in pharmaceutical manufacturing by the largest companies in the world,” said Jeff Cristee, Phizzle Chief Revenue Officer.


Phizzle’s EDGMaker is the only IoT solution to remotely operate and automate multi-vendor particle counters for scientific data applications. The EDGMaker software stack offers fully digitised testing and compliance processes to reduce labour, human error, and wasted batches in regulated manufacturing.

For over 26 years, GlassHouse Systems (GHS) has been designing, implementing and servicing the enterprise IT community with best in class mission-critical infrastructure and professional services. GHS offers fully managed IaaS, PaaS both in the cloud and on premise.